Thinking.. Re focus, PSL debate + new things coming!

Happy thinking out loud thursday friends!

I have been feeling not so inspired this week, so I am ready to type out some thoughts.


1. Like I said, feeling a little uninspired this week! But, hey thats OK! Sometimes my mind needs a little break and re focus!
We must take the opportunity daily to REFOCUS our priorities, intentions and desires. The bible encourages us in Matthew 6:33 to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” Seeking God FIRST must be a priority for the believer. We seek God so He can bring us out of this world’s way of doing things and teach us how to live according to His way of doing things.
2. Did you guys hear the news about PSL? to be honest. I’m not surprised AT ALL! Are you?! because thats what alot of those drinks have..  I love coffee, I look forward to it and I even sometimes like to indulge in the lattes. And pumpkin spice HAS BEEN one of them! There are some not so good things in there.. i should try to make MY OWN!? ** edited: changed my choice of words because I don’t want to affend anyone. MY bottom line thought is that.. NOT SURPRISED AT ALL.

3. Has anyone tried any new cho flavours? I just saw this the other day at target! Apple cinnamon w/ oats.

4. I haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks! WHAT!? Yep. t25 has been MORE then enough and I am loving it! I am in week 3. if you have any comments or questions.. shoot me an email!

5. I am protien ball obsessed lately! Every sunday I have been baking a w huge batch! This is my current one!

6.  I am in week two of starting to look for jobs/ and applying. I am already feeling discouraged but I have to remember that its JUST the start and it may take some time! .. AKA… HIRE ME!!!!! 8-)
#inspiration #motivation #typography

7. I am feeling a little overwhelmed but also so grateful for this opportunity. So many great things to come! I have been doing the program for 3 weeks but ALSO a new coach! I am going to apprentice in my coaches next challenge group sept 8th! If anyone is interested about the opportunity, or ready for a change and wants to switch up the routine let me know!!

8. Also, if anyone has tips on how to stay organized and juggle everything – let me know ;-)

Phew.. Glad I got some of that OFF my chest! Thank you amanda for allowing us to type and think whatever we want!
What are your thoughts on the PSL from starbucks? Do you care or could careless about the new info?!

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