Cait approved! + happy birthday Piece Of Cait :)

Happy Friday to you all! Whose ready for the weekend? I think I see some warmer temps on the horizon….  I just really hope I see some more greenery coming up.. I miss the green grass and pretty flowers! :)
Since it’s Friday, I wanted to share a few things I have been liking and approving, but before we get into that, I am so happy to have a little birthday shout to this little blog of mine! I knew the date was coming up, but wow… where does 2 years ago!? Holy moly..  So many great things have come with blogging.. friends, connecting, learning, getting busy in the kitchen and sharing with you all.. bits and pieces of my life! SO THANK YOU for being along for the ride and reading!!! <3

Now, onto somethings I’m loving + approving:


<<< this tastes like a thin mint! So good, perfect mid afternoon pick me up doing errands!

Hazelnut, almond milk creamer. YUM, this was delish – saw it at our local whole foods, and at 15 cals!
Salted caramel latte… yes please. what a fun add into my protein shake in the morning for a little extra boost. I made it with chocolate << check it out.
This candle smells amazing! { found at home goods } I deff wanted sweets while it was burning, so yummy!

I just picked these up the other day at forever 21, defl loving the hippie flare at the bottom!

What is something your loving or approving lately?!

I am linking up with Heather, Katie & Clare today on this lovely friday! Thanks again for all your readership the past TWO YEARS!!!!! SAY WHAAAAA 8-) love ya!

xoxo C