Friday Favorites: New nephew, new book + me time <3

Happy last weekend in JULY!!!!! AH. I can’t believe it’s going to be august soon.
Really, why does time go by so fast?

Anyways instead being upset on how summer is flying by
how about a few friday favorites to start the weekend?!

1. Pro cakes! these were so so good. I will share my review this coming week. but who doesn’t love protein pancakes?!
unnamed (10)

2. This little guy <3 who I am absolutely head over heels. He is such a baby peanut <3 Yesterday I got to hang out with them & bring some of aunt cait’s famous baked good ;-)

3. I’ve been getting up between 7 – 730 since I’ve been home. Normally 9ish. The extra time has been really really nice. I’ve baked twice, got up on blogs, organized items. That extra time is so nice to do ME <3
unnamed (11)

4. I just got my own library card & picked up a new book. It’s Tosca Reno’s “Your Best Body Now” I am always looking for new ways to better myself and my health. This seemed like a good one to read.

5. This post I wrote yesterday. I talked about being comfortable in your ever so changing body and that it’s your own fitness journey. Mine has made me happy + changed for the better. I feel better, look better, and confindece was born. <– That’s key to me.
Piece Of Cait | A little piece of me: balancing the blend of a sweet & healthy lifestyle! #behappy #healthy #mindbodysoul #beyou #selflove

What’s a favorite of yours from this week?!


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