Thinking // no coffee, but at least I have chocolate + other randomness!

Happy happy thursday friends! How are things going in your neck of the woods?

Since it’s Thursday. Here’s some randomness from my mind! >>>

.. So, the whole NO coffee thing for 30 days is a lot easier than I thought. Even though I can tell my mind is a little foggy.. { prob cleaning out the toxins! } but along the way the past 4 days.. I’ve realized HOW MUCH I depend on my favorite drink. I love coffee, and tots thinks theres benefits from it. But.. I realized I NEED it to get things done.. like I went and go my nails done.. was craving one to have with me.. when I got to work.. felt like I needed another cup.. I thought to myself how am I gonna workout today.. All these things revolve around me thinking I need that coffee.
for my fellow coffee lovers!

.. But I didn’t give up chocolate! This whole healthox is pretty awesome and a lot easier than I thought. Green tea infused & mood boosting :)

.. Anyone doing anything for Halloween? I think this year it’s looking like nothing around here. Womp Womp… My friend ellen always had the parties!

{ throw back to a few years! } <3
.. Yesterday at the gym on pandora. this commercial for this movie came on. Anyone else see it?! I LOVED scary movies… but I have totally drifted from them.
.. Ever think about when people say “You run a like a girl” LOVE this new ad!

..  Did you enter my first ever giveaway!? I am partnering up with Puritans Pride and Sweat pink! October – December I’ll be sharing my #Seasnoanlsmoothie and a few giveaways along the way, check it!

.. What day would it be without me and a little pumpkin. I love experimenting and baking with different things, like the coconut oil. Love how versatile it can be. The duo went perfect for this cookie recipe :)

.. We love long hots over here. So much we put them in everything. Geo made this awesome cabbage + pork stew.. I said make it “spicy” but one to many long hots got in! My lips have been permanently red the past few days LOL. #SoupLipStick #HOT

.. I officially have Jenna obsessed with trader joes. She asked me last week if she would be good to go there once a month { granted she does live further } She already went back this week! ;-)

18 incredible things you didn’t know about trader joes

.. Still applying to J-O-B-s. #Annoying #BLAH
Haha. Basically the last one sums up how I feel about it. Can you tell?!
Tell me what are you thinking?
Like scary movies?
Ever drift away from coffee?